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22 Apr 2021 - Impact
Beyond the Recycling Bin
The real solution to climate change is wholesale disruption
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15 Feb 2021 - Team
The Decade of Hyperloop
And the team that will get us there
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13 Oct 2020 - Impact
Bring Jobs Forward, Not Back
Inclusive innovation is our greatest tool to meet 21st century challenges
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29 Jul 2020 - Impact
Rethinking Resiliency with Hyperloop
A Conversation with James Ehrlich, Founder of ReGen Villages
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23 Jul 2020 - Impact
Revolutionising the Future of Transportation:...
"Our ability to move will dictate the future of the human may even save the world"
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01 Apr 2020 - Team
Getting in the Groove
Lava lamp in a glass experiment
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24 Mar 2020 - Team
Hyperloop at Home
From our kitchen table to yours
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24 Jul 2019 - Tech
Why There's No Hyperloop Speed Limit
Various non-technological factors that limit the speed of traditional transportation.
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24 Jul 2019 - Impact
Clearing Congestion with Hyperloop
The principle of induced demand affects hyperloop and highways differently.
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01 Jul 2019 - Projects
Hyperloop on the Hill
Policy makers at the local and federal level see hyperloop as a critical part of infrastructure reform.
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18 Mar 2019 - Impact
India’s Paradigm Shift in Mass Transportation
A Q&A with OP Agarwal on what type of thinking will get us out of our cars
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Radical Hardware
24 Sep 2018 - Tech
A Story of Radical Hardware
How two LA-based startups joined forces to build the first hyperloop pod
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12 Jul 2018 - Projects
Building The Hyperloop In India
We have always believed that India would be a tremendous market for hyperloop, and this vision proved to be a reality.
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29 Apr 2018 - Projects
A New Cargo Brand Built For An On-Demand World
DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One Introduce DP World Cargospeed to support faster deliveries of palletized cargo
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23 Feb 2018 - Projects
A First Look At Our Dubai Hyperloop Pod
Virgin Hyperloop One & The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Unveiled The Initial Design of the Dubai Hyperloop Pod As Part of UAE Innovation Month
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21 Feb 2018 - Projects
Hyperloop Included in $2.5 Million Columbus-to-Chicago Environmental Impact Study
Today, our partners at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), based in Columbus announced a $2.5 million Rapid-Speed Transportation Initiative that will explore hyperloop, alongside traditional rail for the corridor.
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Mumbai, India
18 Feb 2018 - Projects
Addressing Congestion in India’s Most Bustling Corridor: Pune - Mumbai
Every day over 130,000 vehicles travel the two- to three-hour journey between Mumbai, the financial center of the Indian State of Maharashtra
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30 Jan 2018 - Projects
Missouri Is One Step Closer to a Hyperloop with In-Depth Feasibility Study
A Q&A with some of our partners from the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition.
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08 Jan 2018 - Team
Virgin Hyperloop One and HERE Technologies Partner to Redefine the End-to-End Passenger Experience
Virgin Hyperloop One is more than getting from A to B. We’re looking to optimize the entire end-to-end passenger experience.
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04 Jan 2018 - Impact
Five Realities Shaping The Future Of Airports
Airports today are in the midst of a functional, architectural, and cultural evolution, in response to the changing needs of populations and cities around the world.
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20 Dec 2017 - Impact
Rethinking Airport Travel
Reducing the time it takes to get to and from the airport would make airplane journeys more pleasant. It’s also essential for economic development, so no city can afford to overlook it.
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19 Dec 2017 - Tech
New Chairman, New Funding, & New Speed Records
We are pleased to share that Richard Branson has been named Chairman (non-executive) of Virgin Hyperloop One, and the company has raised an additional $50 million ahead of a Series C round of funding
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13 Dec 2017 - Impact
How Airports Can Keep Up with the Future of...
A conversation with Max Hirsh, a professor at the University of Hong Kong and a leading expert on airports and urban infrastructure.
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07 Dec 2017 - Impact
Creating One Airport Out of Two with Hyperloop
In 1980, 642 million people flew on a commercial airline flight. In those days, you could show up an hour before and have time to get coffee before your flight.
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30 Nov 2017 - Impact
Satellite Cities Are Everywhere, And They...
When developers began building the city of Palava, India, about an hour’s drive east of Mumbai on a 4,500-acre greenfield site, they used the notion of 5-10-15.
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21 Nov 2017 - Impact
Hyperloop’s Role In Greening The Transportation Grid
Part of a four-part series related to creating more sustainable, resilient transport infrastructure. Other articles in the series include 5 Lessons The World Can Learn From Dutch Resilience, “Future-Proof” Technology Will Support Cities’ Sustainability and Resiliency Goals, and Full-Seats & Other Secrets to a More Sustainable Transport Future.
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16 Nov 2017 - Projects
Envisioning a National Indian Hyperloop Network
Three Indian states think it’s time to include some bold thinking in transport planning: hyperloop. Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh
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01 Nov 2017 - Impact
“Future-Proof” Technology Will Support Cities’ Sustainability and Resiliency Goals
Part of a four-part series related to creating more sustainable, resilient transport infrastructure. Other articles in the series include 5 Lessons The World Can Learn From Dutch Resilience, and Full-Seats & Other Secrets to a More Sustainable Transport Future.
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30 Oct 2017 - Impact
Full-Seats & Other Secrets to a More Sustainable Transport Future
Part of a four-part series related to creating more sustainable, resilient transport infrastructure. Other articles in the series include 5 Lessons The World Can Learn From Dutch Resilience, and “Future-Proof” Technology Will Support Cities’ Sustainability and Resiliency Goals.
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24 Oct 2017 - Impact
5 Lessons The World Can Learn From Dutch Resilience
Part of a four-part series related to creating more sustainable, resilient transport infrastructure. Other articles in the series include Full-Seats & Other Secrets to a More Sustainable Transport Future, and “Future-Proof” Technology Will Support Cities’ Sustainability and Resiliency Goals.
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12 Oct 2017 - Team
Introducing Virgin Hyperloop One
We have a new ally in our mission to reinvent transportation, and it’s someone who’s changed the industry a few times already in his career.
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27 Sep 2017 - Projects
Two Hyperloop Routes Look To Address India’s...
The Hyperloop One Global Challenge served as a rallying call for ambitious teams worldwide looking to improve how cities, regions and countries get around by via Hyperloop networks. India was a creative hotspot for Challenge entries.
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21 Sep 2017 - Impact
“A Physical Version of the Internet”: How...
In this interview with McKinsey, Nick Earle, SVP of Global Field Operations at Hyperloop One, discusses the scale of the system’s potential to collapse time and distance, as well as disrupt transportation, commerce, and housing
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14 Sep 2017 - Team
The Power of Open Innovation: Lessons from the...
Now that we’ve announced the ten winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, bringing to a close a year-long search for the world’s most promising proposed Hyperloop routes, it’s worth looking back at what we’ve learned from the journey.
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28 Aug 2017 - Projects
Connecting 25% of Canada’s Population with...
Part of a series highlighting proposed routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Update: The Canada Toronto-Montreal route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge in September 2017.
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24 Aug 2017 - Impact
Why Integration with Other Transport Modes is Central to Hyperloop One’s Business
Technology breakthroughs in transportation are advancing new possibilities for safety, efficiency and speed. At a time when many systems are beset with congestion and aging infrastructure, innovation will be key to tackling the challenges we face. These innovations are additional tools for our toolbox – they don’t necessarily replace existing tools.
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21 Aug 2017 - Projects
How Hyperloop Could Transform Mexico’s Megaregion
Part of a series highlighting proposed routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Update: The Mexico: Mexico City-Guadalajara route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge in September 2017.
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10 Aug 2017 - Tech
What Testing Has Taught Us
By the end of this summer, Hyperloop One will have spent more time testing a full-scale Hyperloop system than any other group in the world. In July, we shared the results of our first, full systems test flight – Hyperloop One's Kitty Hawk Moment.
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02 Aug 2017 - Tech
Hyperloop Gets More Real Every Time We Test
In the small hours of Saturday, July 29 an exhausted and adrenaline-fueled team from Hyperloop One celebrated another significant milestone, completing the second phase of testing our high-speed Hyperloop pod inside our DevLoop tube north of Las Vegas.
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11 Jul 2017 - Tech
We Made History Two Minutes After Midnight On May 12
In the early morning hours of May 12, a few dozen Hyperloop One engineers and execs squeezed into a makeshift control room in a trailer under the stars in the Nevada desert to watch transportation history in the making.
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28 Jun 2017 - Projects
Three Hyperloop Networks That Could Transform EU Commerce
Part of a series highlighting proposed European routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured routes in Germany, the UK, the Baltics, Corsica-Sardinia. Update: Spain/Morocco: Madrid-Tangier and Netherlands: Amsterdam-Lelystad route were named finalists in the Challenge.
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23 Jun 2017 - Impact
Moving Beyond Ferries
Part of a series highlighting proposed European routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured routes in Germany, the UK, and Spain, Netherlands and Poland. Update: Corsica/Sardinia: Bastia-Cagliari and Estonia/Finland: Tallinn-Helsinki were named finalists in the Challenge.
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22 Jun 2017 - Impact
Hyperloop One's Vision For Europe Comes Into...
“In the next ten years, we will see more changes in mobility than in the last 100 years.” Now there's a statement we couldn't agree with more, and the words pack extra weight given the speaker: Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz van Haegen
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21 Jun 2017 - Projects
Three Hyperloop Routes That Would Transform...
Part of a series highlighting proposed European routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured routes in Germany, the Baltics, Corsica-Sardinia, and Spain, Netherlands and Poland. Update: UK: Edinburgh-London and UK: Glasgow-Liverpool routes were named two of ten winners, and the UK: Glasgow-Cardiff route was selected a finalist of the Challenge in September 2017.
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15 Jun 2017 - Projects
World’s Fastest Highway Could Get Even Faster
Part of a series highlighting proposed European routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured routes in the UK, the Baltics, Corsica-Sardinia, and Spain, Netherlands and Poland. Update: the Germany: Berlin-Hamburg route was named one of ten finalists in the Challenge.
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13 Jun 2017 - Impact
Physical Broadband Has Arrived
Combining digital and physical innovations to radically transform physical transportation.
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06 Jun 2017 - Impact
Hyperloop Could Be Europe's New Unifying Force
The biggest change Europe faces may not be Brexit or President Trump. It may well be an unexpected disruption in the world’s transport systems.
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06 Jun 2017 - Impact
Live in Amsterdam
This is the third major event celebrating our 35 semifinalists around the world, including Vision for India and Vision for America.
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31 May 2017 - Team
7 Transport Trends I’m Watching
My job at Hyperloop One is to lead the teams building our software platforms and safety systems. It’s one of the more challenging tasks I’ve ever taken on, and there’s a lot of future-proofing to do. I just got back from a whirlwind tour of some future-of-transportation conferences with my mind blown, but a healthy amount of skepticism confirmed.
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19 May 2017 - Impact
More Cities Are Tapping Real Estate To Pay For New Transportation
The world’s cities are adding 77 million people per year, just shy of 1.5 million people per week. Take a moment to register these numbers.
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18 May 2017 - Impact
Preparing For The Infinite Suburb
A Q&A With Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin.
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17 May 2017 - Impact
The Emerging Global Power That Knows No Borders
A Q&A with Parag Khanna on why supply chains will rule the world.
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14 May 2017 - Impact
Building Big Projects Requires Big Thinking
It’s Infrastructure Week, and to celebrate we’re running a series of conversations inspired by this advocacy effort to focus the nation’s attention on the investments we need to improve America’s infrastructure across the board.
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02 May 2017 - Projects
States Across The Midwest Support a Hyperloop...
Part of a series highlighting proposed U.S. routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured Hyperloop proposals in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Nevada. Update: US: Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge in September 2017.
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26 Apr 2017 - Projects
Hyperloop Could Transform The Economy of...
Part of a series highlighting proposed U.S. routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured Hyperloop proposals in the Midwest, Texas, Florida, and Nevada. Update: The US: Pueblo-Denver-Cheyenne route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge
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25 Apr 2017 - Projects
Texas Hyperloop Could Transform Lone Star State Into Global Megaregion
Part of a series highlighting proposed U.S. routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured Hyperloop proposals in the Midwest, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada. Update: The US: Dallas-Loredo-Houston route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge in September 2017.
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20 Apr 2017 - Projects
Connecting Orlando with Miami Beach
Part of a series highlighting proposed U.S. routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured Hyperloop proposals in the Midwest, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada. Update: The US: Miami-Orlando route was named one of ten winners of the Challenge.
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20 Apr 2017 - Tech
Blood, Sweat & Determination
Theodore Roosevelt put his faith in the man in the arena, the competitor whose face is “marred by dust and sweat and blood … but who does actually strive to do the deeds.” That well sums up the 200 men and women, engineers, technicians, welders, and fabricators who built DevLoop, Hyperloop One’s test track north of Las Vegas.
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17 Apr 2017 - Projects
Nevada Doesn’t See Any Roadblocks to Building America's First Intercity Hyperloop
Part of a series highlighting proposed U.S. routes from the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Posts featured Hyperloop proposals in the Midwest, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Update: The US: Reno-Las Vegas route was named a finalist in the Challenge in September 2017.
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12 Apr 2017 - Impact
Full Video Of Hyperloop One's Washington, D.C. Global Challenge Event
Our Vision For America event on April 6 in Washington, D.C. was the start of a national conversation about investment in 21st century infrastructure and the role that Hyperloop could play in advancing growth opportunities in the U.S.
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06 Apr 2017 - Impact
Hyperloop One’s Vision For America
Whether you believe we should Make America Great Again, or simply Keep America Awesome, I think all Americans can agree on a few basic principles
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27 Mar 2017 - Team
New Hyperloop One Partner Program Unites...
Building innovative transportation solutions is hard. Building an innovation ecosystem that changes how the world moves is harder. We strive to do both well.
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19 Mar 2017 - Impact
How Hyperloop Is Changing The Calculus Of The...
It’s Monday morning and you’re stuck in traffic again, shoulders tensed as you realize you’re late for work--yet the minutes drag on. Some days you get to thinking about how you could instead be spending these minutes, and hundreds like them, with family and friends and doing much better things with your life.
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09 Mar 2017 - Tech
First Look at DevLoop, World’s Only...
The first and only full-scale Hyperloop test track in the world has been hiding in plain sight--if you know which Nevada highway to drive down. The white steel tube is hard to miss from the roadside. It was only a matter of time before one of our intrepid fans shared some bootleg photos on the Internet.
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04 Mar 2017 - Impact
A Subcontinent On The Verge Of A Transport...
Few cities in the world are urbanizing more rapidly than New Delhi. Taxis, motorcycles, and tuk tuks weave around one another in a chorus of horns and signals, only occasionally following the road’s designated lanes.
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20 Feb 2017 - Impact
The Rising Importance Of The Secondary City
There’s a popular saying in Chinese urban geography and architecture: “If you want to understand 5,000 years of Chinese civilization look at Xi’an, 1,000 years look at Beijing, modern China look at Tianjin.”
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16 Feb 2017 - Team
Hyperloop Law: Autonomy, Infrastructure And Transport Startups
The engineers at Hyperloop One aren't our only inventors. A hyperloop transport system is so different from an airplane, train, or bus that a new legal regime is necessary.
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06 Feb 2017 - Impact
From Canals To Hyperloop: The Case For Innovative Infrastructure
The year is 1817, and Governor DeWitt Clinton is looking for ideas about how to improve the transportation infrastructure of New York State.
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26 Jan 2017 - Impact
Hyperloop One's Transport Economist Makes The Freight Case
Most people who read about what’s going on at Hyperloop One in the press or on social media probably think we’re a group of civil and mechanical engineers cutting steel and welding tubes. That’s true, but little do they know we have a whole team of transportation economists and analysts on staff.
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19 Dec 2016 - Impact
Five Maps That Improve Our View Of America’s Megaregions
It’s a fact of modern geography that traditional political maps fail to capture the real outlines of American communities. Cities and states have for some time been slowly subsumed into economic megaregions created by people choosing to live and work at greater distances.
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RTA Signing
04 Dec 2016 - Projects
Full Presentation: Hyperloop One's Historic Agreement With The Dubai RTA
We’re finally able to share with our fans and partners around the world the entire video of the historic moment Hyperloop One had on November 8, 2016 in Dubai, where we signed an agreement with the Roads and Transport Authority to explore using Hyperloop One technology to connect Dubai to the greater United Arab Emirates.
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Permission to Change the World
29 Nov 2016 - Team
Sometimes A Startup Has To Seek Permission To...
Elon Musk has joked that experts call the Hyperloop either obvious — or impossible. We believe it is possible, but we face some difficult challenges unlike those faced by most tech startups.
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16 Nov 2016 - Impact
Putting Safety At the Heart Of Transportation:...
Over the last century there has been a significant increase in demand for travel by all modes.
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Burj Dubai 2
08 Nov 2016 - Impact
Last Mile Meets The Other 500 Miles: Hyperloop...
Dubai is a city that leans forward, with a government determined to establish itself and the wider United Arab Emirates as a global hub of the first rank.
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UAE Portal
08 Nov 2016 - Projects
In Pictures: New Designs for Hyperloop One...
The goal was to start from scratch and design a transportation that creates a way better experience for the passenger.
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British Flag
02 Nov 2016 - Impact
Disrupting the Future of Transport in the United Kingdom
Alan James, Hyperloop One's VP of Worldwide Business Development, gave a rousing keynote on November 2, 2016 at Innovate 2016, the British government's flagship innovation event in Manchester, U.K.
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28 Oct 2016 - Impact
A Hyperloop One Network Can Create a Netherlands Super-Region
Alan James, our VP of worldwide business development, gave a talk a week ago at the Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam about the value to be unlocked by building a high-speed backbone in the Netherlands connecting its cities and existing freight and passenger transport infrastructure.
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27 Oct 2016 - Projects
Australia's Transport Future: More of the Same or Something Different?
The East Coast of Australia has two of the most beautiful and amenable cities in the world in Melbourne and Sydney.
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China Port
10 Oct 2016 - Impact
Hyperloop One Can Open Up Russia's Far East to China Trade
Hunchun, like so many of China’s new boomtowns, is a thriving manufacturing center with a growing population of 250,000.
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UAE team
09 Oct 2016 - Projects
Putting it Together in the UAE
Things are moving fast for our team on the ground in the United Arab Emirates.
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BIG teaser
07 Oct 2016 - Projects
November 8, 2016
Does it fly, float or drive?
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Dubai team
27 Sep 2016 - Projects
These Next Twelve Weeks in Dubai Will Change...
The reason they went is to join the Dubai Future Accelerators, a 12-week program that brings high-tech companies from around the world to the burgeoning Gulf capital to prototype large-scale solutions for social and environmental challenges.
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19 Sep 2016 - Tech
We're Living in the Golden Age of Tunneling
In 1843, it was called the Eighth Wonder of the World, attracting 50,000 visitors on its first day.
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24 Aug 2016 - Impact
The Next Big Megatrend is the Shrinking Cost...
Geography used to be destiny
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Lev Team
17 Aug 2016 - Tech
How and Why We're Levitating the Hyperloop
Why move humans at all?
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16 Aug 2016 - Impact
Hyperloop and the Hyperefficient Port
There are only a few man-made objects you can see from space. Dubai’s Port of Jebel Ali is one of them
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27 Jul 2016 - Tech
World's First Hyperloop Factory is Open for Business
From down the street the building looks like any other nondescript strip-mall-surrounded industrial warehouse.
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Subsea Hyperloop
20 Jul 2016 - Tech
Run Silent, Run Deep: The Case for a Subsea Hyperloop
For most of the past century, the tunneling industry has been grounded in, well, the ground.
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HOGC 9 Things
15 Jul 2016 - Projects
Nine Things to Know About the Hyperloop One Global Challenge
If you want the Hyperloop to be built in your city or country, this is your chance.
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European Hyperloop
05 Jul 2016 - Projects
We Ran the Numbers on a European Hyperloop — And They Look Fantastic
Better than even we thought.
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30 Jun 2016 - Team
Win a Hyperloop One T-shirt!
It's as easy as placing a tube on a map. Well, at least it could be...
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29 Jun 2016 - Impact
How Do We Pay for the Infrastructure We Need?
Sixty years ago this week the U.S. embarked on one of the greatest public works projects since the Roman Empire, the Interstate Highway System.
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Peter Diamandis
28 Jun 2016 - Team
XPRIZE Founder Peter Diamandis Wants You to...
For us, here at Hyperloop One, Peter also wears a couple different hats. He's not only a founding board member, but a juror for our Global Challenge.
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06 Jun 2016 - Tech
The Challenges Before Us
Our mid-May propulsion test generated a good amount of attention. Everyone brought their own a point of view. Most applauded and saw it for what it was: a first step. Others wisely started asking the hard questions. That’s good.
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POAT sled
17 May 2016 - Tech
Josh Giegel ROQs it on The Kevin and Bean Show...
Hyperloop One's Senior Vice President of Engineering Josh Giegel jumped on the phone with our friends Kevin and Bean at KROQ last week in the wake of the excitement around our first open-air propulsion test.
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Surreal to So Real
12 May 2016 - Tech
From Surreal to So Real
You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful moment for the future to arrive.
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12 Oct 2015 - Tech
Propulsion Open Air Test
This morning we are announcing one of the many steps that move us closer to achieving our 'Kitty Hawk' moment in 2016.
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An Update
11 May 2015 - Team
An Update
I’m now over a month into my role as CEO of Hyperloop Technologies Inc., and I’m pleased to provide a business update today which is one of many exciting developments in the months to come.
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  • Q. What is Virgin Hyperloop?

    We're a privately-held company on a mission to create fast, effortless journeys that expand possibilities and eliminate the barriers of distance and time.

  • Q. Why are you building a hyperloop?

    There are too many people caught bumper-to-bumper in traffic, who have to make a hard choice with their family on where to live and work, and who are limited in their access to experiences and opportunities. We're building a system that will give back time and deliver the travel experience of the future.

  • Q. Why do we need hyperloop now?

    The number of cars is set to double worldwide by 2040, same with air and trucking. We are already dealing with the effects of pollution, lack of access, and congestion. If we only invest in the same technologies we’ve had for more than a century, tomorrow will look like today, only much worse. It’s been over a century since the Wright Brothers first showed us human flight was possible. It’s time for a new era in transportation capable of carrying us forward for the next 100 years.

  • Q. How much funding has Virgin Hyperloop received?

    To date, we have received over $400 million.

  • Q. Who are the key investors in Virgin Hyperloop?

    A major investor of ours is DP World, a leading enabler of global trade who sees the potential of sustainable hyperloop-enabled cargo systems. Additionally, we are backed by the Virgin Group, an industry leader across rail, aviation, ships, and even spacecrafts. For more on our investors, visit the company page.

  • Q. Does Virgin Hyperloop have any partners?

    Virgin Hyperloop is the only hyperloop company that has a strategic partnership with a mass transportation company, the Virgin Group, an industry leader across rail, aviation, ships, and even spacecrafts. Another key partner of ours is DP World, a leading enabler of global trade who sees the potential of sustainable hyperloop-enabled cargo systems. Other industry-leading partners include Spirit AeroSystems, KPMG, Foster + Partners, Systra, BIG, SNCF, GE, Deutsche Bahn, Black & Veatch, McKinsey, Deloitte, Jacobs, Turner & Townsend, ARUP, and Steer, among others.

  • Q. Is Elon Musk an investor or affiliated with Virgin Hyperloop?

    No, there’s no connection with Elon Musk.

  • Q. How do you plan to scale up operations around the world?

    We aren't just building a hyperloop; we're building a network of public and private partners to scale an integrated supply chain ecosystem. Our business model is based on partnerships that create local jobs and opportunities for those who choose to invest in this technology. We are working at the highest level of governments around the globe to put in place commercial agreements to make hyperloop a reality.

  • Q. What is hyperloop?

    Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation designed to eliminate the barriers of distance and time for both people and freight. It can travel at speeds approaching 700mph, connecting cities like metro stops - and it has zero direct emissions. The journeys can be booked on demand so there’s no wait time or delays.

  • Q. How does hyperloop work?

    With hyperloop, vehicles, called pods, accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The pod floats along the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag.

  • Q. Has hyperloop technology been proven?

    Yes. We’ve successfully run hundreds of tests at our full-scale prototype in the Nevada desert. On November 8, 2020, the first passengers traveled safely on a hyperloop – making transportation history. This test demonstrated that we can safely put a person in a near-vacuum environment, and our entire safety approach was validated by an independent third party.

  • Q. How fast can hyperloop go?

    We estimate that the top speed for a passenger vehicle or light cargo will be 670 miles per hour or 1080 kilometers per hour. That is about 3 times faster than high-speed rail and 10-15 times faster than traditional rail. The average speed vehicles travel will vary based on the route and customer requirements.

  • Q. Why keep the tube at low-pressure and not at a perfect vacuum?

    A perfect vacuum would decrease the drag on the vehicle even more, but not significantly. We have already gotten rid of 99.9% of the air in the tube. Lower levels of vacuum than this are important if you are performing scientific experiments, but the cost would not be worthwhile.

  • Q. How is hyperloop different from high-speed trains?

    Hyperloop is an entirely new mode - think the best of trains, planes, and the metro. Hyperloop is on-demand, offering flexible travel schedules with no stops, no transfers, and no weather delays – all at speeds about 3 times faster than high-speed-rail and less cost. Hyperloop is highly efficient, with a smaller environmental impact than high-speed rail because the closed system can be tunneled below or elevated above ground, avoiding dangerous at-grade crossings. The VH system is 100% electric and can reach higher speeds than high-speed rail for less energy due to our proprietary electric motor and low-drag environment.

  • Q. Is hyperloop safe?

    Fast, effortless journeys go hand-in-hand with journeys where everything works reliably without interference, and where all passengers feel comfortable and safe. The Virgin Hyperloop is designed to be inherently safer than other modes, with multiple redundancies in place. Our system operates autonomously in an enclosed tube and is not susceptible to weather delays, accidents from at-grade crossings, human error, or power outages. Our proprietary high-speed switching architecture eliminates unsafe track configurations and moving trackside parts, a failure point of traditional rail with mechanical switches.

  • Q. How do you plan to get hyperloop certified?

    As new mode, we have to prove our safety case to regulators and work with them to develop a regulatory framework, so passengers can ride the hyperloop in years not decades. We are encouraged by the support we are seeing at the local and federal level around the world to support hyperloop certification based on the fundamentals of safe operating that are already standard practice. Our goal is to achieve safety certification by 2025. We are on track to meet this goal and have unveiled West Virginia as the home of the world’s first Hyperloop Certification Center (HCC). This announcement builds off of significant progress around the world on the regulatory front. In July 2020, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Elaine Chao and the Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation Technology (NETT) Council unveiled the guidance document on a clear regulatory framework for hyperloop in the United States. In the EU, the European Commission (EC) has just released the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and hyperloop is explicitly identified as a game-changing mobility technology. We are also working closely with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DGMOVE) and Shift2Rail to deliver the next wave of sustainable mobility through robust regulatory standards. In India, the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India, Prof. Vijayraghavan, has set up an independent committee called the Consultative Group on Future of Transportation (CGFT) to explore the regulatory path for hyperloop. For more, visit our regulatory progress pages.

  • Q. What will it feel like to ride hyperloop?

    While flying through a tube at more than 1000km/h might seem like a thrill ride, the truth is we are able to mitigate any uncomfortable acceleration forces within our controlled environment. The journey will be so smooth, you could sip a coffee the whole time without spilling a single drop. Normal acceleration and deceleration of 0.20 Gs will feel similar to a train. As a comparison, flooring a typical sedan gives between 0.4-0.5 Gs and commercial airplanes see 0.3-0.5Gs depending on the plane and load.

  • Q. What happens if there's a sudden breach in the tube?

    Pods will continue to travel safely to the next portal even with a large breach. Our response to a breach would be to intentionally repressurize the tube with small valves places along the route length while engaging pod brakes to safely bringing all pods to rest before it is deemed safe to continue to the next portal. A sustained leak could impact performance (speed) but would not pose a safety issue due to vehicle and system architectural design choices. This assessment is based in solid understanding and analysis of the complex vehicle load behaviors during such an event.

  • Q. Is hyperloop sustainable?

    Without a massive leap forward, pollution from the transportation industry is expected to almost double by 2050 - well above the carbon budget. By combining an ultra-efficient electric motor, magnetic levitation, and a low-drag environment, the VH system can reach airline speeds for 5-10x less energy (depends on route length) and can go faster than high-speed rail using less energy. In regions like the Middle East, we could power the system completely by solar panels which cover the tube. As fighting against climate change becomes an existential issue for cities across the globe, hyperloop will create a new, shared, electric mobility model for helping to permanently reform an industry with some of the world’s highest carbon emissions.

  • Q. How much energy does hyperloop use?

    We are designing Virgin Hyperloop to be more efficient than other modes of transportation. Modern jetliners use up to 10 times the energy we use per passenger-mile over the entire journey. We can cruise at 500 miles per hour for less energy (per passenger) than an electric car doing 60 miles per hour. At peak speed, the VH system consumes approximately 75 watt hours per passenger kilometer (Wh/pax-km). To put this in perspective, the fastest conventional maglev train travels at about half our speed and consumes 33% more energy.

  • Q. Where will hyperloop get its power?

    Our system is 100% electric with zero direct emissions. We're energy-agnostic. Our system can draw power from whichever energy sources are available along the route and support a transition to a renewable energy-powered future. In regions like the Middle East, we can completely power the system with solar panels which cover the tube.

  • Q. How much noise does hyperloop make?

    It’s similar those new electric vehicles that are so quiet they need to create noise to indicate movement. With hyperloop, we eliminate sources of mechanical noise, like wheels on track, and we actually have a sound barrier inherent in our tube design

  • Q. Can hyperloop be used for cargo?

    DP World Cargospeed is a global brand for hyperloop-enabled cargo systems operated by DP World and enabled by Virgin Hyperloop technology. These systems will deliver freight at the speed of flight and closer to the cost of trucking for fast, sustainable, and efficient delivery of palletized cargo.

  • Q. What type of cargo would a hyperloop system transport?

    The focus would be on high-priority, on-demand goods – fresh food, medical supplies, electronics, and more.

  • Q. How can hyperloop help transform logistics?

    With DP World Cargospeed, deliveries can be completed in hours versus days with greater reliability and fewer delays. It will expand freight transportation capacity by connecting with existing modes of road, rail, ports, and air transport, and will provide greater connectivity with manufacturing parks, economic zones, distribution centers, and regional urban centers. This can shrink inventory lead times, help reduce finished goods inventory, and cut required warehouse space and cost by 25%. DP World Cargospeed networks can also enable just-in-time, agile manufacturing practices.

  • Q. Will the first hyperloops be passenger or cargo systems?

    The Virgin Hyperloop is unique in that it doesn’t need to be passenger-only or cargo-only. We are designing a mixed-use system that fully utilizes system capacity while maximizing economic and social benefits. However, it is possible to run cargo commercial operations while certification and regulation are still ongoing for passenger use.

  • Q. When will hyperloop systems be ready for cargo and passengers?

    We are working with the most visionary governments around the world to make sure you can ride the hyperloop in years, not decades. Our goal is to have operational systems in the late 2020s. Our ability to meet that goal will depend on how fast the regulatory and statutory processes move.

  • Q. Where will the first hyperloop get built?

    We are working with visionary governments and partners around the world to make hyperloop a reality today. To learn more about our projects around the world, visit our progress page.

  • Q. How much will hyperloop cost to build and operate?

    Capital and operating costs will range widely based on the route. We recently released a study that showed our linear costs are 60-70% that of high-speed rail projects. In addition, we expect the operational costs to be significantly lower than existing forms of transportation.

  • Q. How much will hyperloop cost to ride?

    It’s simple – if it’s not affordable, people won't use it. We are looking to build something that will expand opportunities for the masses, so they can live in one city with their family and work in another. Currently, that kind of high-speed transport is not feasible for most people. The exact ticket price will vary for each route, but a recent study showed that riding a hyperloop in Missouri could cost less than the gas needed to drive.

  • Q. How are hyperloop routes selected?

    We are in the business of serving local needs, not the other way around. Public and private support is key. In some cases, we will respond to solicited bids with partners when we feel the technology matches the project’s objectives. In other cases, we will make an unsolicited bid for a project when we see that hyperloop could offer a unique solution to market needs.

  • Q. What is the process for getting a passenger route up and running?

    While the technology is different, the process for building a hyperloop is similar to that of building a highway, railway, or any other type of linear infrastructure. The first stage is project development. This phase includes feasibility studies, and then more detailed engineering reports and environmental impact studies. Once a project is approved to move forward, a consortium is formed to finance and deliver on the project.

  • Q. How much land does hyperloop require?

    Many infrastructure projects succeed or fail based on right-of-way issues. We are designing a system that requires only about half the right-of-way as high-speed rail and can more easily adapt to existing right-of-ways. At high speeds, the VH system has a 4.5 times tighter turn radius compared to high-speed rail and can climb grades that are 6 times steeper, reducing the disturbance at crossings. Portals will be purposely integrated into and support existing communities and landscapes. Low noise levels will expand opportunities to build hyperloops closer to the city center.

  • Q. With the focus on connecting cities, how will hyperloop support rural communities?

    Hyperloop also holds enormous promise for rural communities. Virgin Hyperloop systems can be built below or above ground, which means no one’s farm needs to be cut in half. Our system enables rural areas to retain residents, who can now have more access to urban job centers, educational opportunities, and health care facilities. Additionally, hyperloop could enable freight distribution centers to be placed in rural areas, leading to job growth and industrial clusters. After a system is built, there is the opportunity to add additional on and off-ramps, supporting a greater number of people along the route.

  • Q. How will hyperloop projects be financed?

    Transportation infrastructure has traditionally relied on extensive government funding. This is because the benefits of clean, safe, and efficient transportation are enjoyed by the entire community, not just the user buying a ticket. However, most existing mass transportation modes are unprofitable and hindered by existing infrastructure built in the past century or by legacy systems. We want to change that and are focused on public-private partnerships. By developing a new mode of transportation from scratch, we're able to leverage technological developments that have occurred in the last century, especially the IT revolution. We're able to keep maintenance costs low, energy efficiency high, and transport tens of thousands of passengers per hour. This keeps margins and accessibility high, contributing to more financially attractive returns than if the corridor was served by existing modes. These benefits aren’t just hypothetical. While this is an exceptional case due to high demand, a third-party evaluation found that our Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Project could be funded 100% by private capital. In the U.S. we see enormous potential to attract investment from the private sector, leveraging public investments. Involving government stakeholders as well as potential private investors early in the project development process is critical.

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